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Tax Calendar

Key Dates

1 April 2019 Making Tax digital (MTD) mandatory for all VAT registered businesses with annual taxable turnover exceeding £85,000.
19 April 2019 Deadline for Employers’ 2018/19 end of year PAYE Returns (P35, P14, P38 & P38A). Penalties for non submission.
6 July 2019 Form P11D and P11D(B) filing deadline for the tax year 2018-19
31 July 2019 The date by which the second payment on account in respect of 2018/2019 must be paid. Consider reducing POA’s if last year’s income has dropped.
5 October 2019 Deadline for notifying HMRC of new sources of income unless a 2018/2019 tax return has already been issued. Complete form CWF1 for self employment, form SA1 for non self-employed income, or form SA401 for partners.
31 October 2019 Deadline for submission to HMRC of a paper tax return for 2018/2019.
30 December 2019 Deadline for e-filing the tax return where the tax payer requires the 2018/2019 balancing payment to be collected through next year’s tax code (less than £2,000).
31 January 2020 Deadline for submitting online your 2018/2019 self assessment tax return. It is also the date by which the tax payer will be required to settle the 2018/2019 balancing payment and make the first payment on account in respect of 2019/2020.